Another on-screen feature

In addition to being a general handy-person, I’m a maker of sets and props, and also a tutor at Toi Whakaari for the making of sets & props.

So it was nice to see one of my woodworking jobs quite a few years ago, featured in a viral video, of swan lake bath ballet (you can view the full video on Facebook, via this link).

Swan Lake Bath Ballet
Image reproduced with permission, from Ammara (the location)

The two baths feature pretty heavily, from 1 min 34 – 1 min 45, alongside two dancers from the NZ Royal Ballet.

My responsibility was the twin taps tower, you can see in the centre of the above image 🙂

Like with many of the movie props I make, and the many things I make that aren’t for the movie industry, I primarily enjoy the process of making each item to a high standard, more than anything else.

However it is always a buzz to see my work featured in often subtle ways, to a much wider audience around the world. And so it’s nice to share links to that work occasionally too.