Electrical Work

Through many years fitting kitchens, renovating homes, rewiring my own boat, repairing and reconfiguring electrical devices, I’ve spent a lot of time running mains power cables through walls, floors and ceilings, rewiring homes, servicing commercial appliances.

Since arriving in NZ in 2014, from the UK, the regulations are a little different.  I therefore now have my EAS and EST qualifications (Electrical Appliance Serviceperson, Electrical Service Technician) with the EWRB (Electrical Workers Registration Board) of New Zealand.

I’m licenced to work on live appliances, up to three phase at 400 volts (the regular household supply is 230v), without supervision.  Similarly I can test and tag electrical appliances, replace broken power plugs, replace broken cables to your appliance, etc.

In 2017 I was working a lot with EuroElectrical.  Florian is a qualified Electrical Inspector and therefore he can supervise my electrical work. Effectively I can do the main cable running, and he can make the final connections and sign off the electrical installation work I can do for you (such as running new cables through your wall, replacing fuse panels, installing new lighting, etc.). Florian has employed me as a sub-contractor on some of his jobs. I’ve employ Florian as an electrical inspector on some of my jobs. Therefore any costs of Florian’s time, as applicable, is included in my own quotes/invoices to you.

I don’t profess to be an electrician, but I can look into the various electrical regulations when needed, and have been working with electrical systems for many years.

I also have a good understanding of electricity and typical fault finding, plus I work carefully and safely so as not to put anyone at risk.

Some of the electical services I can provide:

  • Test & Tag electrical appliances for NZ regulations.
  • Replace power plugs (230v, 16 Amp, 3 phase, etc.)
  • Replace cables to your portable appliance.
  • Make custom extension cables, such as for;
    • Power supplies to mobile homes
    • Shore power connectors for boats
    • Temporary power cables for mobile food vans
  • Add new 230v power sockets within your home
  • Install electrical appliances (fridges, washing machines, ovens, ranges, …)
  • Run a new power circuit from your fuse board to a garage, shed, etc.
  • Replace and update fuses in your fuse board (from fuse wire, to modern breaker switches)
  • Install CCTV cabling and home security systems
  • Rewire your entire home or business