Painting and Decorating

To get a good finish needs good preparation.  This is often 75% of the work in painting a wall around your home.

If you don’t scrub the existing surfaces with a sugar soap solution to remove surface oils, the paint will most likely flake off in a few years.

Filling any cracks and holes also typically needs to be done after an initial surface preparation, and then in small progressive layers to ensure a smooth finish. A final brief sanding with fine grit paper may also then be required, depending on the filler used.

Finally applying a few thin coats of quality paint (with a high opacity and a strong pigment) is far more effective than trying to apply one thick coat of cheap paints.

This side of the trades I learn’t a lot from my step-uncle, who’d been a full-time painter and decorator for about 15 years. Of course I was glad to learn from him too.

After some time subsequently making and fabricating sets & props for the movie industry in NZ, you can understand the standard of finish required is very high, to withstand studio lights at unflattering angles shot in 3D 4K. Painting for domestic clients therefore becomes a comparatively very quick and simpler process.

Some of the painting and decorating services I can provide include:

  • Interior house painting and decorating
  • Exterior house painting
  • Fence painting
  • Bathroom and kitchen painting
  • Colour matching and feature walls
  • Wallpaper stripping
  • Window frame painting
  • Surface preparation / plastering