$68+GST an hour for my working time (including the use of my extensive tool collections), plus materials & consumables at cost.

A quote/invoice will be calculated at this hourly rate, plus as agreed whatever direct costs are incurred for your tasks.

If I finish things quicker than expected, your invoice will be billed for less than your initial quote.

However sometimes for example, when lifting floorboards a greater issue may be uncovered which may take longer, similarly you may wish to add other tasks to my work mid-way through a project. These additions will be explained and discussed prior to continuing, before any variations are made to the quote/billing where applicable.

If you have a particular budget to stick to for your project, I’ll talk to you about if it’s feasible, with potentially simplified options as appropriate.

I always try to bring as many materials with me as I can in advance, so I shouldn’t need to go shopping in the middle of the day.

Please also note that my working time starts from when I arrive, to when I drive away : so this is the time I can’t be working for anyone else.  Please respect this in helping me keep my time on location as efficient as we can make it, particularly giving me clear access to load and unload my tools and any materials I may need to bring in to work with, and providing me a suitable/clear/dry location in which to work as appropriate when on site.