I love working with rope in many capacities, and am comfortable working at heights.

I gained my IRATA Level 1 (Rope Access, Feb 2018), Working at Heights qualification, and the IRAANZ Level 3 in 2020. I’m regularly involved in different types of rigging checks and rope access, and of course have a suitable harness and key equipment.

I’ve been working with many wonderful professional riggers at the Circus Hub, here in Wellington. This includes regular rigging checks of all equipment (daily, fortnightly, and six monthly), replacement and renewal of equipment (6/19 steel wire, semi-static synthetic rope, and 3 strand 15mm lines for trapeze bars, plus the associated hardware).

I’ve also been fortunate to be involved in some other Entertainment Rigging, at the TSB Arena, Sky Stadium, and Newtown Festival, etc.

I also do anchor point inspections on rooftops across Wellington.

I sailed as part of a fleet, on a 70 ft racing yacht, for 5 months. One of my roles during this time was the rigging and sail repairs, and I’d spend a lot of my time hanging from the main mast under significant weather conditions.

I currently live on a much smaller 38ft wooden sail boat, in central Wellington. This carries all the usual details you’d expect from living aboard an old wooden boat.

I’ve been involved in two ‘Temple’ builds, for the Kiwiburn festival (the NZ local version of Burning Man). This involved tying together many bamboo and pine board elements for 15 meter high structures, with over 1km of natural fibre rope. This was all so that 1,500 attendees could spend time in the temple structures throughout the festival, and then it could be burnt cleanly on the last day of the festival event.

I’ve also been a long term practitioner of Shibari and other Western Rigging. Attending workshops with trainers from around the world. Using jute, cotton, and other synthetic fibres in many ways, both structurally and artistically.

My degree was Mechanical Engineering, so I can still see loading in many structures with that mindset. Carrying out suitable computations as may be required, and also combined with direct hands-on experience.