I often work with metal in many ways, and have been very fortunate to work alongside some incredible welders.

Although I have welded over the years, doing the final product weld is something I’d more often just pass over to others. It is a long developed skill and an art-form to get consistently right (even after the 90% of the work in preparation for the welding itself).

However I gained my welding ‘ticket’ for Mig Welding in April 2021 (for structural welds up to 2F).

Since then, I’ve been getting involved with a fair amount more mig welding in various orientations throughout an old bus renovation, as well as structural and repair welds for art pieces, furniture, racks, stools, cover repairs, carts, etc.

So although welding in a full-time capacity is not a service I typically offer through my work here, I do have some great semi-portable mig equipment to work with you on interesting welding projects. Do let me know.